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Hockaday Mechanical Corporation provides mechanical and plumbing construction and renovation services to commercial, industrial, and institutional clients in central North Carolina.

Our History



After working as a plumber's helper in the 1950's, Benny Hockaday attended NC State University.  A sales job with Public Service Gas Company followed, then Benny joined Bullock Plumbing and Heating.  Within 10 years he was entrusted with complete operational control of that business.


In the late1970's, Benny started his own business, Hockaday Heating and Air Conditioning.  He focused his business on plan and spec school work, university work, and State Construction work, with a heavy focus on mechanical piping.  His sons Ben and Joe joined him in the 1980's.


In 1994, Ben opened Hockaday Mechanical Corporation.  After closing Hockaday Heating and Air,  Benny and Joe joined Ben, as did most of their employees.  Ben wanted to add mechanical service and plumbing to the work Hockaday Heating was doing, and focused on smaller (but no less mechanically intensive) projects. 


Benny retired in the early 2000's, but Ben and Joe are still providing excellent mechanical services to school, university, state, and municipal government clients in the central North Carolina region.

Company Profile.



A small, family-owned business, Hockaday Mechanical Corporation provides HVAC, plumbing and mechanical construction and renovation services in  the Research Triangle and surrounding area of North Carolina.  Our mechanical group is focused on construction projects, mechanical equipment replacements (boilers, chillers, cooling towers, etc.), and mechanically-intensive renovations. Most of our mechanical customers are large public entities like school systems, universities,  municipalities, local hospitals, and the State of North Carolina. 


Our plumbing group performs renovation and new construction services for commercial, industrial and institutional clients in our service area. 

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