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HVAC Projects

Fresh Air for a Lab Building

This multi-story laboratory building needed more outside air, so we installed a large new air handling unit on the roof.  The intake duct pictured above was pre-fabricated and lifted into place with the crane at the same time the air handling unit was set. 



Rooftop Air Conditioner

A local multi-story office building needed to replace its existing rooftop air conditioner, but this wasn't your run-of-the-mill commercial unit.  This was a 100 ton VAV rooftop unit, and it had to be replaced over a weekend.


We replaced the existing unit and had it started up and running over the weekend.  The building was ready for business on Monday morning.

Laboratory Renovation

A new air handling unit, new exhaust systems, and a very sophisticated control system provide this lab space with tightly controlled conditions.  Almost every room has its own humidifier, and each room can be switched from positive to negative pressure to suit the needs of the researchers. 


Lots of welded stainless steel fume hood duct accompanied the new air handling unit and water-cooled autoclave system.


Time is always tight, but space was also at a premium on this project.  Our ability to plan and co-ordinate was important in ensuring a good outcome  for this successful project.

BSL 3 Lab

It's important for a system like this to perform properly.  Very important. The bubble tight dampers you see here are designed to prevent dangerous things from going places they shouldn't go.


These fans exhaust the research laboratory.  A large air handling unit provides supply air.  The system we installed controls room pressure, humidity, and temperature so the people inside and outside the lab can work safely.



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