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Mechanical Projects

System Replacement

We performed a complete renovation of the mechanical systems for a large existing church building in Raleigh.  This required us to remove the old system and install a new 4-pipe system with new boiler, chillers, pumps, and air handling units.  We were able to re-use much of the existing ductwork. 


It was very important to our client that the work occur over the summer so their day care could be opened for fall session.  We finished the work on time, without causing any delays.

Electron Microscope Facility

The engineers called it an "everything detector," and everything it detects has the potential to cause false results.  One of the most powerful electron microscopes on the East Coast requires very tightly controlled temperature and humidity, and almost no air movement was permitted in the microscope room.


Not only were we able to meet the necessary conditions, we exceeded them.  At startup the microscope operated better than the owners anticipated. 

Coil Replacements

This is a pretty big air handling unit.  875 tons, 270,000 CFM, or enough air conditioning for about 350 houses. 


Over a 2-week holiday shutdown, we removed and replaced a bank that included 18 chilled water coils.  Pre-fabrication allowed us to perform most of the piping and welding ahead of time. 

Cooling Towers

This fcility needed a new cooling tower system to replace their aging towers.  It was a facility on a tight schedule, so we installed two towers in mid winter.  We pre-fabricated much of the work to save on-site construction time.


Our work was complete on time, and allowed the owner to continue to operate on their schedule without interrupting any of their contracted events.

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